The Joy of Swearing

Some thoughts on swearing.

I am one of the admins on the Blood Bowl Community group on Facebook, and one of the ten rules of the group is as follows:

Keep it clean
Avoid swearing. Alternative spellings, implied swearing, asterisks or acronyms are not allowed either. Admin judgement is final. Likewise images and memes are subject to this rule too.

This has been a rule of the group as long as I can remember, and I think I was one of the first 100 members or so, as Pug set it up.  The rule gets questioned every week or so, so I thought I would have a standing post to answer those questions.

In essence, the admins believe there are very few people who would want to read lots of posts littered with swearing, and most forums I use have had a rule against it.  The question therefore comes down to where you draw the line, and in the case of the BB community the line is drawn to forbid most swearing, as above.

In general, this is because there is very seldom an actual need – there is usually a more descriptive word that could take the place of the swearing, and the joy of writing is that you can take time to think of what that word might be.  Swearing when writing is generally used for emphasis, so it is mainly this avenue that is being denied to people, and it’s an admin judgement that this is a reasonable thing to do in this particular group.

Swearing is also commonly used when directed at somebody, and as personal abuse is also against the BB Community rules, and rightly so, banning it in this way is also reasonable.

So in summary, swearing is banned to keep the tone of the group as civilised as possible.  Members are free to disagree with the rules, but they agreed to stick to them when they joined the group, so if they can’t follow them they should refrain from posting or find a more suitable group.

Hope that’s helpful. If it’s not, you know what you can do!


Using Score for Underworlds

Just bought Warhammer Underworlds, and my chum Jip is running tournaments for it, so I’ve adjusted a copy of Score so it can be used for those tournaments.   

Download this zip file then unzip: underworlds

There are two files in there – races.txt and do result.html.  Replace the races.txt in the main Score folder with the new races.txt (it contains the warbands up to Beastgrave) and then replace the do result.html in the templates folder with the new one (so the wording on the printed table is correct).

Then when you enter results enter the Glory score into the Touchdowns, enter 0-0 for the casualties, and then when you click “Print Results” it should show up nicely.

Any tweaks needed, let me know!

World Cup 2019

Much wordage has been written about the World Cup in Dornbirn, but more is always good!  I was originally going to be a ref, but got tapped up to join Team Wales, who are a lovely competitive bunch of chaps who had their eye on the podium, and I was fairly quickly persuaded into participating, rather than being in the refs’ office, as per last year.  With each of us with multiple NAF shields, and ranking in the top 10 based on NAF ranking with the races we were using, we were probably in one of the 20 or so squads (out of 250) that had a realistic chance of being on the stage at the end, which was pretty cool.

The team was made up of me (Lizards, completely block spam, stand firm on the krox), Dionysian with non-Roxy Amazons, Hawca’s super-dominant Wood Elves, 20phoenix with his solid Undead, and media star AndyDavo on Dark Elves.  The 6 was rounded out with BB2 expert MikeTheMachine, who took humans, and ended up being at or near our table 1 for the entire weekend!  Also a great guy, which is always good when you’re spending all your time with someone.

We stayed in a fab chalet in the mountains, and hired a car, which allowed us to trundle about including the two other halves and Davo’s baby who were also in attendance.  This was particularly entertaining because another team were staying in the very next set of rooms in the middle of nowhere.

When we arrived at the venue, the much-vaunted queues were already in full swing.  I met Galak, said hi to Gaixo and a few others, registered, and promptly gave up on the skill rings having spent zero time queuing, which I was quite happy about it. We hung around for the awesome drumming, but then headed off for home-cooked food after a day’s travelling (which had gone amazingly smoothly, and was a massive weight off my shoulders).

On the Friday I did have to do some queuing, but spent it with Heartsbane, which is always nice.  Got to the front and they tried to tell me that I could only have day one skills, but because I’d cunningly made a great big list I got round that one and got all of them for the whole team.  Then luckily had quite a while to give them all out, because of the delay to game 1.

My game 1 was against rookie Nurgle, and I felt fairly confident when I kicked and she only set up to hit one of my saurus – bit of a tell that someone’s quite new.  Lewdgrip failed the pickup in turn 1, then a both down on a single die in turn 2 before the pickup, and it was 1-0 to me.  The game finished 4-1 I think, and with a solid win for our team, except for Hawca’s brand new wood elf miniatures being pitch cleared by some Chaos.  Much fun.  I also had one of those nice sporting moments that you can afford when you are multiple TDs up, where she had rolled the Really Stupid roll in the dice cup and I pointed out that it was a 4+ before she revealed the dice, so she could change her mind.

Then the mega-delay, and as the person who organised the software for Eurobowls in Belgium, Sweden and Wales as well as the last World Cup, I had a particularly viewpoint on this, and it was that my heart absolutely went out to the organisers, who had poured heart and soul into this tournament for the last 3 years and it was starting to go to rats.  I just wanted it to work, and my help was offered, but they needed to sort it for themselves.  And eventually did, happily.

I didn’t write games 2 or 3 down, and the NAF results aren’t up yet, but they were against rookie squads, and so we finished “day 1” with 3 good wins, which as we were using Tier 1 teams (mostly) meant that we had avoided the main banana skin – as an example, my Lizards were now up to 5 block, so in a lot more of a comfortable space.  The only slightly dodgy moment was in a Lizard mirror match when at the start of my turn I stood up one of his players and then used that player as an assist for a 2-dice block, which my opponent thought was a half dice (which it was, but only because I had stood up his player!).  I think in the end I took the dice roll back but left his player standing, but it was all a bit confusing.

Our game 4 was the most painful – we played Team Alfea, and it was a 123 loss.  My game (and the squad) was looking incredibly comfortable at half time, but I got blitzed and it went wrong for a couple of others, including a snake eyes for hawca over the line.  They were a good team, but it could have been very different!

Submarine time, as we faced Team Poland in all but name, and had a good chat about Eurobowl 2020 (I’ll be helping with the scoring!).  I got my first wood elves, and when my skink failed the pickup, the game was pretty much over before it began.  A 312 win for the squad though happily, and it definitely felt like I was taking the wood elf bullet for the team.

Pingu was next – not the lovable plasticine penguin, but a load of quite experienced Spanish BB players!  I played against Pro Elves, and he proceeded to pretty much have the worst dice I have ever seen across the board from me.  I did my best to give him some chances, but it finished 3-0 as he couldn’t do anything. Our first draw of 3 in a row, bizarrely.

Next was Pilou, a good French team, and more wood elves for me.  I played ridiculously well in this one so only lost 1-0!

Next up was the Lutece Noobz, and my favourite game of the tournament against the splendid MaitreTactac and his Chaos – the first Chaos I’d faced.  He received, and I bit my nails for the next two minutes, but I survived the LOS hits, and then felt happy as I proceeded to bully his team for the next 8 turns, finishing 0-0 at the half and with 11 players.  I scored in 4 or 5 turns, which wasn’t super comfortable, but I was pleased with my “skink sacrifice”, where I left a blitz target next to the sideline which if he took meant he was out of position.  He did, and he was!

I then defended and should have been able to keep him out, but one skink was misplaced at a critical point, and when he made 5 or 6 3+ dodges in a row he managed to squeak a draw.

With our 4-3-1 record, we then played a slighty easier team, and I got Underworld to finish my tournament off.  It should have been super comfortable again, as more bullying pushed him deep into his own half, but some audacious dice rolling from skitter meant that I could have had a comfortable draw or push for a win.  I pushed for the win, and was rewarded with a Glart double skulls, then a skitter snake eyes, and a 3-1 win, so a nice way to finish.

The squad finished 5-3-1, which left us on 15th, which was slightly below par, but still an awesome result, and I was pleased with my own 5-1-1 record (plus 2 wood elf games), as well as the excellent atmosphere in the squad.

Top 5 Blood Bowl prediction game

Possibly of interest for a two-day tournament – I did this at Cakebowl this year.  Publish the draw for the first game on the Sunday, then get people to predict the scores in the top 5 games.  Obviously I built a spreadsheet to score it – I did 10 points for a correct result, then subtracted 1 for every TD difference for each player.

If you do have a go at the fun metagame, do let me know – publish it on Facebook or Twitter to let others join in too!  The big yellow boxes are where the predictions go, and then the Actuals go at the top (I left the Actuals in from the time I used it, for some reason).

Top 5 Spreadsheet

Eldene News/Community

It’s not a great story, but occasionally people ask me why there are two Facebook groups – Eldene News and Eldene Community. Here’s a potted version of the story.

In 2013 I created the Eldene Community group as there was no Eldene Facebook group as a way for neighbours to share interesting info.  It grew fairly steadly, just by friends adding friends, as well as random searches.  A year or so later I went to a community networking group and this grew into the Eldene Residents Association (ERA), which met for two or three years and arranged a tabletop sale, many litter picks, hustings and a few other things.

When the parish council was set up, this seemed to supercede the need for the ERA, and there was a lack of people attending meetings, so the decision was made to wind it up.

The Eldene Community group continued however, and as it grew there were some people who were not happy with some decisions that admins made (by this time there were 3 admins, me and two others), in particular which content would be allowed to be posted.  Not every decision we made was right, but the general idea was supposed to be polite discussion about Eldene.

In April 2018 a person who had been banned from the Eldene Community group for repeated unpleasant behaviour set up another Facebook group and called it Eldene Community, and took the same header picture.  We reported this to Facebook, but received no response, as we are a very small part.  We decided that it was not worth causing a further fuss about, as we don’t actually gain anything from the group, it’s just a public service, so in order to avoid confusion we changed the name to Eldene News.

So that’s the story – from my point of view it’s unfortunate that there are two, but it doesn’t seem like a good idea to shut ours down as the other is run by someone who was banned for unsavoury posts.

KingDomino upgrade!

Got QueenDomino for my birthday, as I already enjoyed KingDomino – quick review here, targeted at those who already know how to play the latter.

Basically the new game adds Towns as a new tile (the red ones) which have some bonus functionality.  When you play a red tile you can build on it from the options behind the big hand in the photo above, and the different buildings offer different victory points bonuses.

We only played one game, so that might be a factor, but it did seem to slow the game down slightly – one of the great things about KD is how quick it is to learn and how quick to play.  It does add a couple of years to the minimum age/intelligence needed to be able to play as well, so if you want to stick to an easy game or play with very young folk then stick to KD.

However, the extra tactical stuff was good fun, the scoring sheets (very similar to those in 7 kingdoms duel) were useful, the different way of playing 3 players was a good idea (discard the unused tile), and I’m looking forward to mixing QD with KD for a 5 or 6 player game, so very happy with the purchase!

Auld World Masters 2019

Good day of Blood Bowl in IncomGaming in Cheltenham at Auld World Masters, run this year by Thor and FatboySlimming.  It’s a quirky tournament where you start with 4-7 skills and then lose one per round, replacing it with a Niggle.  Orcs were tier 2, so I saw a good opportunity to get them up to double figures of NAF games.  There were also “sponsorships”, where you chose completions, casualties or fouls and get bonus points if you achieved a certain number each round.  I went for fouls so included a few goblins in my roster.

Also in the roster were the two custom stars – one halfling and one orc who played a half for each side.

First up was AngryHobbit’s cool Khemri team.  A deep kick and a blitz result on my kick off made life difficult for him from the beginning, and I went in 1-0, only for sweltering heat to remove a couple of my players for the second half.  I found it quite tricky to get out of my half, and made a bit of a rubbish mistake which left my ball carrier in trouble.  It should have ended up OK, except for a board related error where I miscounted the number of squares his player was from the endzone.  Because the dark elf pitch doesn’t have an endzone marked!

Anyway, I’m over it now.  Only managed two armour breaking fouls in this game though, so my bonus points were gone before they arrived.  1-1 draw.

The orcs were angry now, and were presented with some Amazons to take it out on, courtesy of BethansDad.  It was a battering, and I ended up winning 4-1.

Next up was Cornish, using Dwarves with a Deathroller and going big on Mighty Blow, though only one left by this stage.  His defence was pretty solid, and it was left to the Deathroller to roll a one on a GFI to leave a gap for me to score in my turn 7.  His drive stalled a little, and the lack of guard hurt, so it ended up a 2-0 win.

The halfling star, Jobo Hairyfoot, had scored in all 3 games for me now, so I had high hopes for game 4.  I was pretty sure that 3-1-0 and no sponsorship bonuses were not going to be enough to win the tournament, but Star of the Car was still up for grabs, so when I faced a coach I hadn’t met before using an all Linemen Norse team I was feeling pretty happy (there was a prize for “best all lineman team”).  Unfortunately I played a little loose  and was punished with a double both down, reroll double both down (1 in 81) which left me out of position on defence.

He rode his luck a little, though did have 5 rerolls with which to do it, so that helped!  I did a classic play involving many dice rolls and chain pushing to get a one die blitz on the ball carrier, and the skull was not a huge surprise.  He score in turn 6.

As I pushed for the 3 turn score, things went bad with him tagging the ball carrier and having a player in range to score.  My blitzer chose this moment to double skull, and I went in 2-0 down.  Sad times.

On my drive I tried to score quickly, but some solid defence meant that turn 5 was the earliest I could, and despite causing 4 casualties in ONE TURN he was still setting up with 10 players for his final drive.  It was pretty tense, including a crowd surf by Jobo, but it wasn’t to be and I lost 2-1.  It was TheRake’s 6th NAF tournament, and I would be surprised if his first shield was long in coming.

So I finished 2-1-1, and as most touchdowns was scored by the tournament winner, my 8 TDs were enough to get me the prize.  Not Star of the Car though, which went to Alex (Dementor), along with best U16.

It was a good day, congrats to the Bubba double of Loki and Heartsbane taking 1 and 2, and to all the winners including Oscen who took best backstory (I came 4th… out of 4).

NAFC Review

Well, hopefully you all read my half-way review, in which I highlighted the 8 people on 3 wins, but not the person in 25th who eventually won the event, well done Jawa!

I’ve been to many NAFCs, and this was certainly up there in terms of enjoyment and organisation.  The Friday night BB at Warhammer World, the lack of the feared queue on Saturday morning, the bizarre absence of redraws and the general good natured feel all fed into a great geekend.

Some highlights for me!

  • Coming second in the Duel competition (out of 2!), really thought I was going to win this year – maybe next time, if no-one enters!
  • Loving playing with Dark Elves, my warm up games had been pretty shocking, so it was nice to finally get the knack.  Managed to stop Hawca’s Woodies scoring, only to mess up my stall with a snake eyes and draw 0-0, very surprising scoreline!
  • Using my lovely new tournament record booklet, hopefully these will be a good archive of games sometime!

  • Playing ThomasW, heard lots about him as someone with a keen interest in the junior BB scene.
  • Watching Jip get two -2 Fame pitch invasions in a row.
  • Becoming a Blood Bowl figure for the 3rd time (I think…) – once by me for Bubba’s mini-me tournament and then twice by actually talented painters Garrick (Team Scotland) and DarkDan (NAFC refs and organisers).
  • Commentating on a really interesting bit of play as part of TackleZone’s amazing set up – looking forward to catching up on some of the play from the weekend.
  • Watching Ringbeard lose it as he plays poker with “degenerates” at 1 in the morning.
  • Cuddles with Ziggy!
  • Playing some excellent new board games, as ever.  Luckily I have some birthday money to spend…
  • And finally, making a pledge that next year the Sann Clan will be back in force.  Possibly Enderman’s last chance to take the Young Blood as he will be 15 (rules?), and just a fantastic, safe, brilliant atmosphere in which to play Blood Bowl.



NAFC Runners and Riders

At the halfway point of NAFC, good time for a quick roundup of the action so far and what we can expect to see on Day 2.

Jimany has been wielding PowerBI to good effect on the NAFC 2019 homepage, with a filterable list of races and how they are doing.  We have all 26 races represented among the 190 competitors, with as ever the elf and stunty teams dominating.

At the end of game 5 the tournament goes to a grand final, with the top 2 by Opponent Score then  by Net TD + Net Cas, then a few others.  It is usually the case that 5 wins are needed to get into the final, so let’s see who is most in contention (noting that these are randomly sorted, as the tiebreakers are not applied until the end – it’s random within those with the same score.

From the top, Lyracian has been playing forever, but not very much!  Rolex (of the 250 BB teams fame, and NAF Membership Director), Panico and BadStorm are visiting from Italy, and could end up taking the trophy overseas.  Badstorm was on the stream for Game 2 (search for TackleZone, can’t link from this laptop!).

Kfoged has won this event a couple of times, so would probably be a good bet, but there are a few other decent players in his way – 20phoenix is a member of Team Wales, and one of the NAF Legends who have all races above 150 ranking, Stig is a member of one of the strongest leagues around (the ECBBL), and is legendary for having stunk out the venue a few years ago with his “themed” Nurgle team, and scs.sam is a multiple tournament award winner.

So will one of these guys continue the 100% record, or will they all draw this round and open the chase wide?  The NAF page will have all the results throughout the day, and loads of people are tweeting with #bloodbowl so that’s your best place for reportage.

NAFC always has some fun stuff going on, this year they had a team made up of all the previous refs of NAF Championships – I got represented in miniature form again, happy days!  Will get a solo pic later.

Lots more photos available at Lunchmoney’s open Google album, which will no doubt include all the best painted and duel entries as well as the prize giving at the end – thanks Al!