Putting the Pro into Prone

Fun debate at 8am this morning with players who hadn’t had any sleep and were on their 10th game of the tournament!  Can Pro be used by a Vampire to reroll Animal Savagery if prone?  I posted to Twitter and you can see the thread here.

The relevant parts of the rulebook are:

  • p44 a prone player can do nothing without first standing up.
  • p74 a player that is prone cannot use any skill unless otherwise stated.
  • the errata expands the list of skills that can be used when prone.  Pro is not mentioned.

Animal Savagery says “when this player is activated, even if they are prone, immediately after declaring the action they will perform, but before performing the action”.

So while it is clear that Pro cannot be used when prone, it could be argued that the player stands up then tests for Animal Savagery, and so is no longer prone when taking the AS test, so can use Pro.  If the AS test is failed and there is no one to attack, however, there is nothing to say that the player is left standing with no tackle zone, and it would be consistent with other negatraits that they are left prone.

I think those are the relevant facts, but will edit if I have missed something!

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