Cots for Tots 2023

Good day at Cots 4 Tots yesterday, which is a 24 hour charity board games tournament. Probably about 250 people in the room and various other adjoining rooms playing a plethora of games, including a 3 game BB tournament. Duffins started it off a couple of years ago and Simon ran it this year with 18 competitors, so not quite enough for a NAF shield, but pretty much the right number to find a winner with 3 games.
I took Black Orcs, hoping that a positive record would push me above 200 after my recent successes with them, and providing a good launch pad to overtake Panzer as world #1 for Black Orcs. With the obvious caveat that ranking don’t mean very much, it’s still a fun target!
I mirrored my World Cup build but with two fewer guard, due to fewer skills and no spamming allowed, so black orcs with block/MB, bloc, 2 guard and a tackle. 2 bribes, 2 rerolls, 13 players. First run out for the new Charlie Victor bands too, which was fun!
The field was half locals and half tournament regulars, and the clan were out in full with Enderman taking his favourite necro and Dementor using Griff/Zug halflings.
First game was against Nazgob, Chaos Renegades with Lord Borak, and a stacked Dark Elf with Block/Dodge/(third skill. Tackle?). Sadly for the game, the Officious Ref decided to send him off at the beginning of the game, which spoilt it as a spectacle. Early pressure meant that the potato was the only option, and because the marauder didn’t have any skills it didn’t work, and then it was a bit of a procession for a 3-0 win. Very few casualties though, just a lot of KOs, which was enough to win the game but not good for tiebreakers (net TD + net cas).
Game 2 was against Dan’s Wood Elves, which was a nice change as they don’t turn up much. I kicked and he surged forward, but left a two dice option on the blodging catcher, and I promptly rolled a pow. A bit of chaos in my back field ensued, ending up with me having the ball with just enough squares to make it to the end zone in four turns. At half time few KOs came back, and both wardancers were dead, so we finished 2-0 in 1 hr 15 mins, and time to learn and play some other board games!
We came very close to all the Clan being on 2 wins after two games, but fungus flinga bomb KOd Griff and spoilt that plan. There were 4 on 2 wins, and by luck of the draw I avoided Enderman, instead facing FreezingStar and his Elven Union. I’d thought about EU as my NAF ranking with them has been parked on 149.99 for a long time, but there was not enough Dodge in the build for my liking!
This was a great game, made great because of my inability to hurt elves and a quality opponent, so it was a mighty struggle to wade through the dodging pointy ears and their cage diving half dicing madness! We started with a black orc catching the ball, but he didn’t last long and the goblin who picked it up had to deal with many dice on him, somehow surviving right until the elf turn 16, and ready for a glorious finish to the tournament.
The ball popped loose, bounced into space. Gloriel (for it is she!) scooped it up and prepared for the Hail Mary punt, needing a 5 in a tackle zone for the 1-1 draw. 4, reroll 4, and the wildly inaccurate pass ends up in the end zone! Goblin dodges free and scoops it up for 3 wins in the tournament, and as table 2 drew there were no need for tiebreakers.
I finished first, Enderman third and Dementor/Griff most touchdowns with 9, despite not scoring in game 2. I picked up an Amazon team that should allow me to bring my team into BB2020, and Dementor got some Dwarfs, with trophies for both of us!
Will be in the diary for next year whether or not the BB runs again, I think!

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