For a while I have been looking at using Excel in Swiss Blood Bowl tournaments, as I believe it offers the most flexibility.  I’m finally getting there!

Please have a play, try and spot mistakes, and let me know feedback.  You will need to have Excel, and to enable Macros.  Latest version at the bottom.  I would not recommend using this for tournaments, as the last couple who have tried it have managed to break it!  Stick to Score, unless you have a strong reason for not doing so.  It did work for Eurobowl though!

Version Summary of Changes
ExScore v1.2 First published version
ExScore-v2.2 Major format overhaul, increased flexibility, Scoring function added.
ExScore 3.2 Full results table added, ready for implementing tiebreakers.  Opponent score fixed.
ExScore-v3.3 Full tiebreakers implemented.   NAF upload file added.
ExScore-v4.2 Fixed net casualties.  Group results implemented, but not Group Swiss draw yet.
ExScore-v4-3 Thanks to Alex Bucher for spotting the tiebreakers were malfunctioning.  Hopefully fixed now!
ExScore-v4-4 In preparation for lots of testing by people, a few tweaks.  Hopefully should be usable in an individual tournament now!
ExScore-v5-1 Ready for Eurobowl!  Please do try to break it, and let me know how you do!
ExScore-v5-2 Slight bug with >100 coaches, and tidied up the interface.  Hopefully it’s nice and clear now!
ExScore-v5-3 Added a button to allow manual choice of group fixtures – suitable for exciting first round draw!
ExScore-v5-4 Final Eurobowl version, as I read the small print and realised that Team Opponent Score was the main tiebreaker!
ExScore-v7.1 Back to playing – added in a tab to show the Stunty Cup. Spent some time trying to add in extra Bonuses, but there were too many knock-on effects, so parked that one.  2 should be enough for people!
ExScore-v8.0 Getting sorted for Eurobowl 2018.  Added a Presentation tab for putting on websites and the like and also for printing to enter results, plus some colour coding.
ExScore v9.1 Post Eurobowl 2018. A variable was needed to be restated to allow pauses between running the various macros.

There is a Credits page in there, giving due thanks to Kaper on the ExcelForum on whose work the spreadsheet is based.

I have added two Excel files for specific Eurobowl use – one for Eurobowl and the other for Europen, which produce a sheet each for reporting results.