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Maths Training 22nd Apr 15

Training for Swindon maths teachers at Ridgeway, 9-12

“Differentiation by Depth” by Steve Lomax – Steve will forward the slides to KM.

From SJCC: Mike and Darwin

This was a good mixture of doing maths with other teachers and ideas for making lessons more productive, looking at deep understanding.  A lot of it has been introduced at SJCC already, in terms of differentiated questions, and a lot of the ideas were already familiar.  The Bar model was introduced, and we tackled a few questions on it.  Steve also mentioned Don Steward as a good source of resources.

Steve runs, which contains a load of ideas that should be incorporated into schemes of work, and is actually a scheme of work in itself, but not one that should necessarily be incorporated wholesale.

I also found out that oblong is not just another name for a rectangle!

I mentioned to Steve about Swindon Schools Network, which I have used to organise G&T days and network meetings, as well as keeping minutes from them in one place. It would be good if a similar thing existed for maths teachers.  Would be interesting to hear from Maths Leaders whether it is needed.

Excellent lunch and refreshments in general, and a good spirit in the room.  Hopefully these ideas can be incorporated successfully into the Maths Handbook.