I have done a lot of work on using Score, including personalising it for my own use.

My Score User Guide

The templates in particular can easily be tweaked to get better outputs, for example:

If you save this file into the “template” folder, writing over the “do result” file, then you get a more useful output file – without the grey columns, and with Opponent Score instead of the Painting Score, which is commonly used as a tiebreaker. I have also removed the team names, as many Tournament Organisers do not input these.

I’ve also posted about the specific outputs used for FoulBowl.

I used a combination of Score and Excel for the World Cup, and will write that up here.  For Eurobowl they used bonus points for team wins, which Score does not easily support, so I used ExScore (my Excel sheet), but I would not recommend others using that at this stage!

If you do want to run team tournaments with bonus points, you can do it using Score, as this is what we did for Eurobowl 2014.

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