Blood Bowl

  • I am a keen Blood Bowl player on tabletop, Cyanide and Fumbbl.  I go by sann0638 on TFF, Fumbbl and the NAF.  I have been playing Blood Bowl for over 20 years, have played all 24 teams in NAF ranked tournaments, and was NAF President  in 2016 and 2017.
  • My YouTube channel is becoming more populated as time goes on, including a very popular intro to Blood Bowl.
  • I play quite a lot on Fumbbl and occasionally live-stream on Twitch.
  • I am an expert in using Score, and am happy to help people to sort their tournaments using it
  • I’ve developed a spreadsheet to allow Blood Bowl tournaments to award team points – ExScore.  Do check before using it though, as Score is usually better!
  • I’ve put together a view in Tableau of all the NAF stats from the 200,000 NAF games