Blood Bowl

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  • I am a keen Blood Bowl player on tabletop, Cyanide and Fumbbl.  I go by sann0638 in all my Blood Bowl incarnations.  I have been playing Blood Bowl for over 20 years, have played all 26 teams in NAF ranked tournaments, and was NAF President  in 2016 and 2017.
  • My YouTube channel is becoming more populated as time goes on, including a very popular intro to Blood Bowl.
  • I play quite a lot on Fumbbl and occasionally live-stream on Twitch.
  • I am an expert in using Score, and am happy to help people to sort their tournaments using it
  • I’ve developed a spreadsheet to allow Blood Bowl tournaments to award team points – ExScore.  Do check before using it though, as Score is usually better!  Other spreadsheets for costing BB teams quickly and a League Manager, which also acts as a Tournament Roster.
  • I’ve put together views in Tableau of all the NAF stats from the 200,000 NAF games, as well as views of all Blood Bowl podcasts and maps of tournaments and leagues around the world