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A Weekend of Blood Bowl

It’s been a busy one – just seeing how many different aspects of the hobby I can fit into one weekend!

  • Double header of SAWBBL league games on Saturday morning at the marvellous new Firestorm Games in Swindon, spending some quality time with Alex!  A draw and a loss, sadly, but lots of fun.
  • Game on Fumbbl using teams in practice for the Bubba tournament in March – my Khorne against Twelfman’s Orcs.  Managed to get the Bloodthirster to catch the ball but didn’t manage to go on to score!
  • Helped out a US tournament using Exscore to run their tournament using Eurobowl rules.
  • Painting my latest team, a Kislev team using Harlequin Troupe miniatures.
  • Listening to various podcasts, Fumbbl and the World Cup, with the latter talking about my Tableau stats – good to hear them being used.
  • Pleased to see my 2018 BB stats review being shared.
  • Did some more work on adapting the Orc side of the BB16 board into a 7s pitch.
  • Undercoated the Blitz Bowl teams  – hoping to get them painted up soon.

I think that’s everything – what other forms of BB could I have added?

NAF Pickup Games on FUMBBL

For those who are not aware, Fumbbl has the ability to create custom rulesets, which is a great way of doing tournament practice, as well as running whole NAF tournaments on Fumbbl. I wanted to use it for one-off games, so I created a ruleset (called sann0638, because it seems it’s not possible to change the name after it’s been created), with 1,750,000 in gold and the ability to add 9 normal and 9 double skills to your team. As you don’t need to use all the money or skills, this basically gives you enough to create any tournament team you might need.

To join the fun, go to this page:

Click “create a team for this ruleset” and then decide which ruleset you want, for example I’ve created this team for the Bubba tournament in March.

Then find an opponent, probably one who has created a team for the same tournament!

There is a full list of the rulesets (almost 1000) that people have created on my fumbbl forum post. The one that is being used for the current NAF tournament is ruleset 7, and is currently world cup rules, though may change in the future, as Strider84 keeps it up to date for the most recent NAF tournament (I think). Ruleset 960 is also world cup rules, but that will only work if games are scheduled, as the skill set will depend on the day.

Finally, I would recommend anyone who wants NAF tournament practice in general to get involved with the tournament series on Fumbbl – it’s a great way to play!

Update March 2020: You can also use this for playing league games, but obviously only for lower TV teams because of the skill limitation.  You will also not be able to give stat boosts or injuries.  So on reflection, test mode is probably better suited:

Welsh Open Goblins Pt 2

For completeness!

Started day 2 expecting to play Enderman, as we were the only two on 3 losses, but due to the vagaries of the Swiss system (starting at the top and working down) we dodged each other, and I played BrutalDeluxe and his Skaven, taking me back to Speedball 2 days from the late 80s. He was a fairly new player, and hadn’t played against goblins before, so when I received the secret weapons went to town, and demolished most of his team! In the second half his thrower fumbled, as Skaven throwers often do, and I got my first win (and first non-loss) of the weekend!

Oh yeah, and I scored with a Troll!

My reward was 20phoenix’s Norse, a top Welsh player having a bad weekend. When I received, I hoped for a repeat of the last game, but didn’t manage to remove any Norsemen. I managed to squeeze my blodge pogoer through for a TD in turn 5, and stop him scoring, so was then hopeful for the draw. Fink da Fixer let me down, with snake eyes on two bribes, so the second half was hard work, and 20p walked in for the T16 TD and a 2-1 win.

In game 6 I played against Legolas, a friend of my sons who often travels with us, and an honorary member of the Sann Clan. He doesn’t get much practice in between tournaments, but Lizards are a hard matchup for Goblins, and it was a really tight 2-1 win.

So 2-0-4 for the tournament actually saw me come second in the stunty cup, after Hobnail’s Goblins took it. Because all injuries counted for casualties, the 23 I put by various means in the dead box won me most casualties, hurrah!

I won’t be taking Stunties to a 2-day tournament again, and it will be a long time until I take them to a 1-dayer. I want to be in the mix for the top positions, and playing against the best players – it’s the kind of Blood Bowl I like, and while I do appreciate that Stunty teams are their own kind of challenge, it’s not a challenge I’m prepared to pay a chunk of money for. Will leave that to others!

Thanks Hawca and team for organising, and for moving it into February for the first time in 5 years so I was able to make it.

Welsh Open Goblins

After 82 NAF tournaments it’s always good to find a novel reason for choosing a race for a tournament, so for this one I made a bet with myself – if Wales beat France in the 6 Nations on Friday night, I would take Goblins, if not, then Chaos Dwarves. I also hadn’t tried out Gobbos with the Doom Diver, and I do like the Welsh habit of advertising previous stunty cup winners, so thought I would take on the challenge of being added to that illustrious roster.

16-0 to France at half time and it looked like I might have a successful weekend instead, but then a catalogue of French errors meant that the little guys made the trip across the (free!) bridge instead. I went for 2 fanatics, chainsaw, and a piling on Troll, hoping to reduce numbers and then walk in some TDs. Fink da Fixer also joined the party.

Game 1 was against my younger son, Dementor, with Pro Elven Union (as I’m calling them nowadays). He received, and went for a fairly quick TD, but Diving Tackle did for him. Sadly, it only postponed the TD by a couple of turns. Failed to score back, but managed to kill both Blitzers with my chainsaw, before the bribe failed (even with Fink’s reroll!) and he got sent off.

The second half was exciting, as I cleared the pitch by turn 5 – 6 KOs and 5 Casualties. So should I go in for the draw or push for the win? The win, of course! He got 3 elves back, so had to put them all on the LOS (below!), but a touchback ruined my fun, and I ended up losing. Waaah! Should be plenty of opportunities for revenge though…

Game 2 was AngryHobbit’s Orcs with Ripper. My chainsaw died on a thrown rock on the kick off, then I managed to wipe my fanatics out with each other on a double both down (there was a good reason!), so it was an uphill struggle. AH was kind enough to offer me a few chances, so it finished 1-0.

Goblins were hard work, and became harder in Game 3 – High Elves with an Accurate/Strong Arm thrower! I killed 3 of them in turn 1, but then it went pear-shaped in turn 2 as his Tackle Blitzer killed my dodge that was supposed to be the corner of the cage, and then knocked down my blodge pogoer, popping the ball loose. Sad times! It got worse from there, finishing 6-2, after I got a couple of Doom Diver TDs but he got a lot more, obviously.

So what to play for on Day 2? I have 12 casualties, as everything dead is counting, so will be looking to rack that up. 3 wins would put me in contention for the stunty cup, though with experienced stunty coaches in Glowworm, Cornish and Hobnail, that’s not guaranteed either.


Eurobowl 13 (2018)

Another Eurobowl in the bag – Scotland cap number 5, 10 years after cap number 1!  A great weekend, with only the Blood Bowl performances being disappointing.  The Wales team did a brilliant job at the SWALEC stadium, home of Glamorgan cricket club, which was a fantastic venue with a free-flowing bar, superb AV equipment and a lovely atmosphere throughout with plenty of space to socialise.  I’d taken the kids along in the first ever all-U16 Europen team, and they had a superbly enjoyable weekend as well.

Game 1 was against a league mate, Raging82, the Ireland team captain, my necro against his lizards.  With a tackle wight and sharpened claws, I was fairly happy with the racial match up, but sadly I only managed a single casualty all day, and it wasn’t in this game!  The game was captured on the YouTube channel for Beer and Blood Bowl, so I might watch back once the dust has settled.  It started well with a failed skink pickup, and if my blodge ghoul had made the 4+ pickup in my turn it would have been a very different game.  Instead, it bounced to a skink…

I had other chances – a two dice block to free a wight to blitz the ball carrier failed, as did a GFI to surf late in the half, but I went in 1-0 down.  Facing a full team of 11 I would have been happy with a draw, but Nuffle messed with me when my flesh golem caught the ball.  Made the rookie error of thinking 8 turns would be enough to wander up the pitch, and at this point the lizards started leaving the pitch, but in turn 7 the golem got bogged down within range of the endzone and it all went wrong.  Kudos to Dan for starting his captaincy with a win for himself and the team, as we went down 4.5 to 3.5.  In the new scoring system, 0 points.  This will be a recurring theme.

Game 2 was against Austria, Lewdgrip’s Chaos Pact.  Managed a fair amount of pressure on his drive, but his Dark Elf squirmed free and squeaked over the line in turn 6, giving me 3 turns to score back.  Sadly, it was a deep kick, and I messed up my strategy, pushing too hard for the equaliser at the half.  This did not go well, and a failed ghoul dodge meant I went in 2-0 down.  On my drive I scored in 2, and then popped the ball loose, but he recovered it again.  And then nonsense, as I managed a long pass after some serious shenanigans to pull it back to 2-2.  Sadly, another 4.5 – 3.5 loss, and still 0 points.

Game 3 v Hungary, this time against Nelkor’s unconventional Wood Elves – 2 wardancers and 10 linemen!  I managed my first casualty of the day in this game, but as he also ran out of space in the KO box I shouldn’t moan too much.  A 2-0 win, and a first round win for Scotland.

I had a quiet evening with the kids, though I understand the Cardiff night life played host to a good number of Blood Bowlers, making the most of the clocks going back and the fairly late Sunday finish.

Game 4 was Norway, Straume’s Dark Elves, who I had faced at the NAF Championship.  I left an early half chance involving a 4+ dodge into the cage, which worked, but I should have been able to recover, only to be mashed by a 1 in 81 failure.  Shouldn’t have made the mistake, and deserved to lose 1-0 against a great player.  Sadly, another 4.5 – 3.5 loss.

Game 5 v newcomers Greece, to whom I had leant an Orc team, but luckily I wasn’t facing them as that would have been confusing.  A more conventional Wood Elf team than previously in the hands of Cana, and ended up on stream again.  Game started well, killing the strip wardancer in the first couple of turns, and I thought I’d done enough to stop the score, only for the elfs to do the elfy thing in turn 8.   Plenty of carnage on my drive, but again mostly KOs, so when the captain’s orders came through to push for the win I was sceptical, and pleased when they were reversed a minute later.  I walked it in on my turn 8, and was happy to rely on my golems to stop the one-turner.  Made another mistake though, as I had forgotten about his frenzy wardancer, and I’d set a player up two squares back from the line instead of 3.  He took full advantage, pushed him into his own half, and then used him to get the two squares that his catcher needed.  3 unprotected GFIs later and I’d lost.  Not a trick I’d seen before, but was kicking myself about it.  Worth a watch!  We won the round, but hosting rights were beyond us at this stage, being fought over between Finland and Malta.

Final game and I was on bottom table for I think the first time in my Eurobowl history, facing Quetzal of Belgium’s undead.  Managed a 1-0 win, to put the seal on his rubbish results weekend, which culminated in him rolling two lots of triple both downs.  Scotland won the round, putting us on 3-0-3 for the weekend, and midtable again.

Results wise, congratulations to England after one of their tightest Eurobowl wins, and a huge well done to the Scottish Europen team who managed third.  The Sann Clan got a round win against Beer and Blood Bowl, plus a handful of decent individual results, including contributing 10 casualties to Wobert’s most casualties trophy!

I’d decided before this tournament to hang up my Eurobowl boots as there is enough strength in depth resident in Scotland and taking part in Scottish tournaments to be able to pick two Eurobowl teams, so it’s healthier for Scottish Blood Bowl to have plenty of opportunities to qualify without taking up a wild card pick.  If ever the team end up with only 7 willing to travel, then I’ll expect a call, but that doesn’t seem like a likely situation any time soon, so I’ll be supporting from the sidelines in future, and probably heading up a Sann Clan team in the Europen, depending on the cost of heading to Poland in 2020 and Malta in 2021!

I was really pleased for the organisers, Hawca and Dapiranha, plus others, pulling off a triumphant weekend.  Very glad personally that the scoring software I wrote survived the weekend, and that I was able to contribute in a small way to the success of the tournament.  Next up is to get registered for the World Cup, in which I’ll be playing and probably not having to do anything to do with the organisation, which was an enjoyable experience in Portugal and I looking forward to experiencing it again!



Blocking in the Dark

My attempts at finding a clear way to stream continue!  I now have a green screen style dice roller, which allows me to superimpose the dice on the board, which is pretty cool…

This is me rolling yet another 1 when my minotaur attempts to blitz, and slumping over the table, as part of my SAWBBL league game.  But the latest problem is that by getting enough light on the dice box to make it show up on the board, the rest of the table is plunged into darkness.  Boo!

There was a separate issue that neither player could see the dice very well, which for me detracted from the enjoyment of the game.  And I like using a dice cup!  Which comes to the nub of the issue, which is that when playing the game the enjoyment of the two players has to be paramount, and I haven’t yet managed to figure out how to stream really well without reducing this.  Apart from having a third party to do the filming, as the Waterbowl chaps have shown very well in their partnership with Element Games.

All of this of course is not to diminish the fab streaming from Raging82, the Beer and Blood Bowl guys, and others, but I’m on a quest to make tabletop BB as viewer friendly as electronic BB can be, and I’m not there yet…

Red Trophy Draws and Results

# Coach Race Score Touchdowns Casualties Opp Score
1 sann0638 Necromantic Undead 7 8 2 14 3 20
2 twelfman Lizardman 7 7 4 7 13 17
3 heartsbane Chaos Dwarf 6 7 5 10 9 16
4 hobnail Amazon 6 6 4 9 8 19
5 20phoenix Chaos 6 5 3 8 8 14
6 Fisher Chaos Pact 5 6 3 13 7 16
7 dreamscreator Chaos Dwarf 5 6 4 16 11 10
8 duffins Goblin 5 9 8 15 13 10
9 dionysian Chaos Dwarf 5 4 3 7 11 12
10 cornish Skaven 5 7 6 10 14 14
11 khorneliuspraxx Wood Elf 5 5 5 2 12 10
12 nightwing Chaos Dwarf 4 5 4 15 7 13
13 itchen Underworld 4 5 5 21 4 14
14 dapiranha Chaos 4 3 3 9 15 12
15 andswin Slann 4 9 11 15 10 15
16 manicmechanic Skaven 3 8 8 10 13 12
17 skab Human 3 6 6 5 16 11
18 frogboy Orc 3 4 5 12 5 9
19 kismet Nurgle Rotters 3 2 5 8 8 13
20 angryhobbit Chaos 2 4 6 10 6 10
21 svine High Elf 2 6 8 8 7 9
22 domfluff Underworld 2 3 5 12 13 8
23 flaponion Ogre 2 3 5 10 17 6
24 nonumber Skaven 2 4 6 8 16 8
25 sillysimon Undead 2 3 7 10 12 6
26 thevoiceofjericho Vampire 2 6 10 8 14 8

Round 4

1 – sann0638 (Necromantic Undead) v twelfman (Lizardman)
2 – heartsbane (Chaos Dwarf) v Fisher (Chaos Pact)
3 – itchen (Underworld) v 20phoenix (Chaos)
4 – cornish (Skaven) v dionysian (Chaos Dwarf)
5 – hobnail (Amazon) v manicmechanic (Skaven)
6 – skab (Human) v dreamscreator (Chaos Dwarf)
7 – frogboy (Orc) v duffins (Goblin)
8 – kismet (Nurgle Rotters) v nightwing (Chaos Dwarf)
9 – khorneliuspraxx (Wood Elf) v angryhobbit (Chaos)
10 – domfluff (Underworld) v dapiranha (Chaos)
11 – andswin (Slann) v thevoiceofjericho (Vampire)
12 – svine (High Elf) v flaponion (Ogre)
13 – nonumber (Skaven) v sillysimon (Undead)

Round 3

Table 1 – hobnail (Amazon) 0 (1) v 3 (5) sann0638 (Necromantic Undead)
Table 2 – twelfman (Lizardman) 2 (6) v 1 (3) manicmechanic (Skaven)
Table 3 – itchen (Underworld) 2 (9) v 2 (1) cornish (Skaven)
Table 4 – dreamscreator (Chaos Dwarf) 1 (2) v 2 (2) heartsbane (Chaos Dwarf)
Table 5 – skab (Human) 1 (0) v 1 (4) frogboy (Orc)
Table 6 – andswin (Slann) 0 (1) v 3 (3) Fisher (Chaos Pact)
Table 7 – 20phoenix (Chaos) 1 (4) v 0 (1) dapiranha (Chaos)
Table 8 – angryhobbit (Chaos) 0 (3) v 1 (1) dionysian (Chaos Dwarf)
Table 9 – kismet (Nurgle Rotters) 1 (3) v 1 (0) khorneliuspraxx (Wood Elf)
Table 10 – nightwing (Chaos Dwarf) 1 (4) v 1 (3) domfluff (Underworld)
Table 11 – duffins (Goblin) 2 (4) v 1 (2) nonumber (Skaven)
Table 12 – thevoiceofjericho (Vampire) 2 (1) v 2 (3) svine (High Elf)
Table 13 – flaponion (Ogre) 1 (5) v 1 (4) sillysimon (Undead)

Round 2

Table 1 – sann0638 (Necromantic Undead) 2 (3) v 1 (1) Fisher (Chaos Pact)
Table 2 – heartsbane (Chaos Dwarf) 2 (1) v 2 (3) cornish (Skaven)
Table 3 – hobnail (Amazon) 2 (4) v 0 (1) khorneliuspraxx (Wood Elf)
Table 4 – andswin (Slann) 1 (5) v 2 (1) twelfman (Lizardman)
Table 5 – domfluff (Underworld) 0 (1) v 1 (5) itchen (Underworld)
Table 6 – frogboy (Orc) 1 (4) v 1 (1) angryhobbit (Chaos)
Table 7 – thevoiceofjericho (Vampire) 1 (4) v 4 (5) manicmechanic (Skaven)
Table 8 – dreamscreator (Chaos Dwarf) 1 (6) v 0 (2) nonumber (Skaven)
Table 9 – dapiranha (Chaos) 1 (4) v 1 (3) dionysian (Chaos Dwarf)
Table 10 – nightwing (Chaos Dwarf) 1 (5) v 1 (3) duffins (Goblin)
Table 11 – svine (High Elf) 1 (0) v 2 (2) 20phoenix (Chaos)
Table 12 – sillysimon (Undead) 0 (2) v 3 (0) skab (Human)
Table 13 – flaponion (Ogre) 0 (1) v 1 (3) kismet (Nurgle Rotters)

Round 1

Table 1 – heartsbane (Chaos Dwarf) 2 (5) v 1 (1) skab (Human)
Table 2 – cornish (Skaven) 2 (5) v 1 (2) sillysimon (Undead)
Table 3 – hobnail (Amazon) 1 (3) v 0 (1) 20phoenix (Chaos)
Table 4 – svine (High Elf) 1 (1) v 2 (1) khorneliuspraxx (Wood Elf)
Table 5 – domfluff (Underworld) 2 (4) v 2 (2) nonumber (Skaven)
Table 6 – duffins (Goblin) 4 (6) v 5 (6) andswin (Slann)
Table 7 – dapiranha (Chaos) 1 (2) v 1 (4) frogboy (Orc)
Table 8 – flaponion (Ogre) 0 (1) v 1 (6) Fisher (Chaos Pact)
Table 9 – dreamscreator (Chaos Dwarf) 1 (3) v 1 (3) thevoiceofjericho (Vampire)
Table 10 – itchen (Underworld) 1 (3) v 1 (1) dionysian (Chaos Dwarf)
Table 11 – manicmechanic (Skaven) 2 (1) v 2 (2) angryhobbit (Chaos)
Table 12 – twelfman (Lizardman) 2 (0) v 1 (2) nightwing (Chaos Dwarf)
Table 13 – sann0638 (Necromantic Undead) 2 (3) v 0 (1) kismet (Nurgle Rotters)

Chaos Dwarf are tier 2, so we have a few of those, but a nice spread otherwise.

Blood Bowl Pro Moves

After various discussions with Jip, here is a light-hearted selection of “pro moves” that show an affinity with the rulebook you can use to your advantage!

  1. Using a ball and chain to block your own player with dodge, knowing that with 3 dice you’re unlikely to hurt him or yourself
  2. Using an apo to turn a KO to Stun
  3. In a league game, fouling with your best player once you have the win in the bag to keep him safe for the next game
  4. Dumping off to the player who is blitzing you so that he catches it and can’t score
  5. Running into the corner when about to be blitzed so the ball scatters somewhere crazy