Welsh Open Goblins Pt 2

For completeness!

Started day 2 expecting to play Enderman, as we were the only two on 3 losses, but due to the vagaries of the Swiss system (starting at the top and working down) we dodged each other, and I played BrutalDeluxe and his Skaven, taking me back to Speedball 2 days from the late 80s. He was a fairly new player, and hadn’t played against goblins before, so when I received the secret weapons went to town, and demolished most of his team! In the second half his thrower fumbled, as Skaven throwers often do, and I got my first win (and first non-loss) of the weekend!

Oh yeah, and I scored with a Troll!

My reward was 20phoenix’s Norse, a top Welsh player having a bad weekend. When I received, I hoped for a repeat of the last game, but didn’t manage to remove any Norsemen. I managed to squeeze my blodge pogoer through for a TD in turn 5, and stop him scoring, so was then hopeful for the draw. Fink da Fixer let me down, with snake eyes on two bribes, so the second half was hard work, and 20p walked in for the T16 TD and a 2-1 win.

In game 6 I played against Legolas, a friend of my sons who often travels with us, and an honorary member of the Sann Clan. He doesn’t get much practice in between tournaments, but Lizards are a hard matchup for Goblins, and it was a really tight 2-1 win.

So 2-0-4 for the tournament actually saw me come second in the stunty cup, after Hobnail’s Goblins took it. Because all injuries counted for casualties, the 23 I put by various means in the dead box won me most casualties, hurrah!

I won’t be taking Stunties to a 2-day tournament again, and it will be a long time until I take them to a 1-dayer. I want to be in the mix for the top positions, and playing against the best players – it’s the kind of Blood Bowl I like, and while I do appreciate that Stunty teams are their own kind of challenge, it’s not a challenge I’m prepared to pay a chunk of money for. Will leave that to others!

Thanks Hawca and team for organising, and for moving it into February for the first time in 5 years so I was able to make it.

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