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  1. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your work on this… I’m rushing through my lunch hour so I only had time to check something… here are my comments (caveat, I don’t have Excel on my work laptop so I used Google Sheets, so I might mention something that is handled… sorry about that).

    I’m running a Euro-rules tournament this weekend, so I had to check 23 lists against their rules manually…

    I think you’re in for a lot of work… here’s two weird things I stumbled while validating lists.

    http://www.eurobowl.eu/2020/default.asp?p=2 -> a part from typos, I found two weird situations:

    From the rules:
    “You can use additonal cash afer spending whole starting budget. Each non spend amount from startng budget is lost and cannot be used with additonal one.”

    So you can’t let money carry over from the 1100k to the additional cash. Hard limit. You can’t go “1100k + part of the extra gold so I can fit this last RR/lineman/star player”.

    I just tried that with your Excel and did a “no skill team, everything on roster” and it seems to work.

    Also, from the rules:
    Each team has additional cash based on their Tier that can be spent on additional skills, players, star players and inducements.

    So you, you can’t use leftovers from extra on FF for example. And since you can’t carry money from the extra to the 1100k or the other way around… any rostered player if you don’t already have 11 on the team. So you can’t buy “star + 10” with the 1100k and the last lineman with the extra gold.

    1. Great, thanks – I’ll check those bits with the organisers, double check the meaning (you’re right from rules as written).

  2. Hello, I tried to open the roster on MS Excel 365 version and it seems that roster is overly shrinked and not working at all. Can you please check if it is on my side or it is broken?

    Thank you kindly

  3. Hi

    The tomb guardians are listed as 3 MA they should be 4, unless it’s an intentional nerf 🙂

    Kind regards

  4. Hi Mike

    The tomb Guards should have MA4. 🙂

    Have you checked with the orginasers that buying apo or RR as an add is ok? Those are not mentioned in the rules. I have asked but not gotten a reply yet.


  5. Hi Mike

    I think You need to have a look at Star Player access for Khemri. They Should not have G’ral.


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