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Red Trophy Draws and Results

# Coach Race Score Touchdowns Casualties Opp Score
1 sann0638 Necromantic Undead 7 8 2 14 3 20
2 twelfman Lizardman 7 7 4 7 13 17
3 heartsbane Chaos Dwarf 6 7 5 10 9 16
4 hobnail Amazon 6 6 4 9 8 19
5 20phoenix Chaos 6 5 3 8 8 14
6 Fisher Chaos Pact 5 6 3 13 7 16
7 dreamscreator Chaos Dwarf 5 6 4 16 11 10
8 duffins Goblin 5 9 8 15 13 10
9 dionysian Chaos Dwarf 5 4 3 7 11 12
10 cornish Skaven 5 7 6 10 14 14
11 khorneliuspraxx Wood Elf 5 5 5 2 12 10
12 nightwing Chaos Dwarf 4 5 4 15 7 13
13 itchen Underworld 4 5 5 21 4 14
14 dapiranha Chaos 4 3 3 9 15 12
15 andswin Slann 4 9 11 15 10 15
16 manicmechanic Skaven 3 8 8 10 13 12
17 skab Human 3 6 6 5 16 11
18 frogboy Orc 3 4 5 12 5 9
19 kismet Nurgle Rotters 3 2 5 8 8 13
20 angryhobbit Chaos 2 4 6 10 6 10
21 svine High Elf 2 6 8 8 7 9
22 domfluff Underworld 2 3 5 12 13 8
23 flaponion Ogre 2 3 5 10 17 6
24 nonumber Skaven 2 4 6 8 16 8
25 sillysimon Undead 2 3 7 10 12 6
26 thevoiceofjericho Vampire 2 6 10 8 14 8

Round 4

1 – sann0638 (Necromantic Undead) v twelfman (Lizardman)
2 – heartsbane (Chaos Dwarf) v Fisher (Chaos Pact)
3 – itchen (Underworld) v 20phoenix (Chaos)
4 – cornish (Skaven) v dionysian (Chaos Dwarf)
5 – hobnail (Amazon) v manicmechanic (Skaven)
6 – skab (Human) v dreamscreator (Chaos Dwarf)
7 – frogboy (Orc) v duffins (Goblin)
8 – kismet (Nurgle Rotters) v nightwing (Chaos Dwarf)
9 – khorneliuspraxx (Wood Elf) v angryhobbit (Chaos)
10 – domfluff (Underworld) v dapiranha (Chaos)
11 – andswin (Slann) v thevoiceofjericho (Vampire)
12 – svine (High Elf) v flaponion (Ogre)
13 – nonumber (Skaven) v sillysimon (Undead)

Round 3

Table 1 – hobnail (Amazon) 0 (1) v 3 (5) sann0638 (Necromantic Undead)
Table 2 – twelfman (Lizardman) 2 (6) v 1 (3) manicmechanic (Skaven)
Table 3 – itchen (Underworld) 2 (9) v 2 (1) cornish (Skaven)
Table 4 – dreamscreator (Chaos Dwarf) 1 (2) v 2 (2) heartsbane (Chaos Dwarf)
Table 5 – skab (Human) 1 (0) v 1 (4) frogboy (Orc)
Table 6 – andswin (Slann) 0 (1) v 3 (3) Fisher (Chaos Pact)
Table 7 – 20phoenix (Chaos) 1 (4) v 0 (1) dapiranha (Chaos)
Table 8 – angryhobbit (Chaos) 0 (3) v 1 (1) dionysian (Chaos Dwarf)
Table 9 – kismet (Nurgle Rotters) 1 (3) v 1 (0) khorneliuspraxx (Wood Elf)
Table 10 – nightwing (Chaos Dwarf) 1 (4) v 1 (3) domfluff (Underworld)
Table 11 – duffins (Goblin) 2 (4) v 1 (2) nonumber (Skaven)
Table 12 – thevoiceofjericho (Vampire) 2 (1) v 2 (3) svine (High Elf)
Table 13 – flaponion (Ogre) 1 (5) v 1 (4) sillysimon (Undead)

Round 2

Table 1 – sann0638 (Necromantic Undead) 2 (3) v 1 (1) Fisher (Chaos Pact)
Table 2 – heartsbane (Chaos Dwarf) 2 (1) v 2 (3) cornish (Skaven)
Table 3 – hobnail (Amazon) 2 (4) v 0 (1) khorneliuspraxx (Wood Elf)
Table 4 – andswin (Slann) 1 (5) v 2 (1) twelfman (Lizardman)
Table 5 – domfluff (Underworld) 0 (1) v 1 (5) itchen (Underworld)
Table 6 – frogboy (Orc) 1 (4) v 1 (1) angryhobbit (Chaos)
Table 7 – thevoiceofjericho (Vampire) 1 (4) v 4 (5) manicmechanic (Skaven)
Table 8 – dreamscreator (Chaos Dwarf) 1 (6) v 0 (2) nonumber (Skaven)
Table 9 – dapiranha (Chaos) 1 (4) v 1 (3) dionysian (Chaos Dwarf)
Table 10 – nightwing (Chaos Dwarf) 1 (5) v 1 (3) duffins (Goblin)
Table 11 – svine (High Elf) 1 (0) v 2 (2) 20phoenix (Chaos)
Table 12 – sillysimon (Undead) 0 (2) v 3 (0) skab (Human)
Table 13 – flaponion (Ogre) 0 (1) v 1 (3) kismet (Nurgle Rotters)

Round 1

Table 1 – heartsbane (Chaos Dwarf) 2 (5) v 1 (1) skab (Human)
Table 2 – cornish (Skaven) 2 (5) v 1 (2) sillysimon (Undead)
Table 3 – hobnail (Amazon) 1 (3) v 0 (1) 20phoenix (Chaos)
Table 4 – svine (High Elf) 1 (1) v 2 (1) khorneliuspraxx (Wood Elf)
Table 5 – domfluff (Underworld) 2 (4) v 2 (2) nonumber (Skaven)
Table 6 – duffins (Goblin) 4 (6) v 5 (6) andswin (Slann)
Table 7 – dapiranha (Chaos) 1 (2) v 1 (4) frogboy (Orc)
Table 8 – flaponion (Ogre) 0 (1) v 1 (6) Fisher (Chaos Pact)
Table 9 – dreamscreator (Chaos Dwarf) 1 (3) v 1 (3) thevoiceofjericho (Vampire)
Table 10 – itchen (Underworld) 1 (3) v 1 (1) dionysian (Chaos Dwarf)
Table 11 – manicmechanic (Skaven) 2 (1) v 2 (2) angryhobbit (Chaos)
Table 12 – twelfman (Lizardman) 2 (0) v 1 (2) nightwing (Chaos Dwarf)
Table 13 – sann0638 (Necromantic Undead) 2 (3) v 0 (1) kismet (Nurgle Rotters)

Chaos Dwarf are tier 2, so we have a few of those, but a nice spread otherwise.

BB Round Robin generator

New Blood Bowl Excel tournament organiser!  This time it’s a Round Robin, originally designed for Coffee Cup, the 24 hour tournament run by the redoubtable Jip.  Worked well and has had a couple of tweaks now, including adding race to the table.

BB Round Robin v02

v03 now available, which puts the rounds in a random order, so people don’t play opponents in the same sequence…


Blood Bowl Pro Moves

After various discussions with Jip, here is a light-hearted selection of “pro moves” that show an affinity with the rulebook you can use to your advantage!

  1. Using a ball and chain to block your own player with dodge, knowing that with 3 dice you’re unlikely to hurt him or yourself
  2. Using an apo to turn a KO to Stun
  3. In a league game, fouling with your best player once you have the win in the bag to keep him safe for the next game
  4. Dumping off to the player who is blitzing you so that he catches it and can’t score
  5. Running into the corner when about to be blitzed so the ball scatters somewhere crazy

Using Paint to annotate OBS

Thanks to cknoor for pointing me towards a tutorial, will link it later!

This is what I ended up doing, for OBS 64bit 0.16.2

  • Open a Paint Window
  • Add a Window Capture and choose the Paint window.  Make sure this is the top layer on OBS
  • Click on Filters, and set the Color Key to those items shown
  • Also in Filters, set Reduce until you can’t see the top window and the scroll bars – this will depend on your monitor (I think, I’m no expert!)
  • Choose the size of the Paint window to match the OBS setup – this is just trial and error.

Hobby Goals 2017 (start of)

Sorting out the painting table in a NYE way, got me thinking to goals for 2017 from a hobbying point of view.  First up, the painting table – still made of the “For Sale” sign from when we bought our house 14 years ago, still going strong!  Thinking about giving it a whitewash though so I can find fiddly small bits of models more easily.  On the painting table, the list is:

  • Morg for the Waterbowl legacy team ACHIEVED
  • The Impact Pro Elf team (both to be completed by UKTC, 14th Jan – 2 weeks, yikes!) ACHIEVED
  • One more Chimp for the Apes team, so they have the full catchers and can proxy as any team. Not sure I will take them to tournaments, as don’t really like confusing people, but they are fun to use. LOVELY PERSON SENT ME ONE, BUT NOT PAINTED
  • NAF shield diorama for the Bunker Bowl win 11 months ago!  Have purchased a Griffon for this purpose.  ACHIEVED
  • NAF shield diorama called “the shame of Belly” to represent the Thrudball win in August. ACHIEVED

Also plan to put together the figures from Silver Tower with the boys, to get them using clippers. BOYS DID THIS AND PAINTED THEM UP, BUT DIDN’T GET THE BUG

Away from modelling, I’d like to:

  • do some more work on ExScore to implement more bonus columns (mostly for Twelfman) and easier Stunty Cup results (as requested by Loki), and then to tidy it up to make it more reliable (and thus usable when I’m not here). PARTLY DONE, BUT DORMANT
  • do a series of Fumbbl match reports showing particular tactics in use. GOING WELL!
  • do commentary on games at tabletop tournaments (not sure if there is an audience for this or not, but it should be fun) DONE A FEW, STILL NOT MUCH AUDIENCE!
  • start up a proper gaming club at school HA, LEFT SCHOOL

And then of course there is a myriad of NAF projects, but don’t want to say too much about those at the moment in case they don’t come off, but I have a year of Presidency left, so let’s see what I can achieve! THIS HAS BEEN FUN… 🙂

Bank Holiday Gaming

Not content with Birthday Bowl, we spent a lot of yesterday in the pub playing Munchkin Loot Letter, a birthday present from frogboy that the boys have become slightly obsessed with.  We then had some friends around for some Bank Holiday Monday gaming fun – introducing them to lots of board games they hadn’t played before!

They arrived a bit before lunch, and the kids started on Loot Letter (as it’s only a 4 player game) while the grown-ups actually had conversations, and then we introduced the adults to King of Tokyo (though my 4-year-old daughter won). The kids also managed to squeeze in a game of full Munchkin before lunch too!

After some quality lunch and a healthy walk, one contingent played a bit of King of Tokyo, Labyrinth and Qwirkle, while the other played Loot Letter and then Carcassone.

Many fun times, and I think I’ve added to a boardgame shopping list.

As for us, eldest is now on Paper Super Mario on the Wii, and I’ve got a Fumbbl game lined up for later.  No rest for the wicked!

Christmas Gaming Ch 4

To wrap up the Christmas gaming period – returned home a few days ago and was promptly struck down with a horrible bug, consigning me to my bed for about 48 hours.

In the meantime, what had happened?  My elder brother mentioned that his son was keen to play Risk, so we dug out the old family edition (about 35 years old) and dusted off the old dice, though updated it by adding some nice Perudo dice of matching colours to the armies and Perudo dice cups (I love a good dice cup).  First game went smoothly, but then we played again later and as I’d had a few glasses of wine I didn’t give enough thought to how to level the playing field, as this time I was playing against two rookies.  I duly played to win, and thus did.  Tears ensued.

The next morning the boys played against each other, and there were mild fisticuffs.  Love Risk.

Upon returning home (before starting shaking and other unpleasant things) I again dug out some Lord of the Rings Risk, this time last used about 10 years ago!  lotrrisk2

This is the same as the original, but on Middle Earth, with special figures (for 1,3,5 instead of 1 and 10) and with a few optional special rules to do with fortresses (+1 to defence) and Leaders (+1 to defence and attack).  I also decided some extra special rules where children get 3 extra reinforcements per turn.  Predictably, this time I lost (a bit too heavily, so 3 was probably too many…)

Final gaming addition after the family party on the other side was Holiday Fluxx, lots of fun as are all the foolish Fluxx games.  Back to school on Monday, ah well!

Christmas Gaming Ch 3

Family party today, a few goodies for me and others.  Got a couple of expansions for King of Tokyo – the Halloween one to replace some of my missing dice and then the Power expansion because I heard it was awesome.  Didn’t think it through unfortunately so the main set is still in Swindon – oops!  Looking forward to playing it again.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I forgot that I had put Hey, that’s my Fish on Alex’s wishlist, and that turned up.  Beautiful little game, 2 mins to learn and 15 minutes to play.  Suitable for children and adults too, and both together.

Got Set as well, and not overly enamoured with the “out of the box” rules.  Great idea,  but shouting out when you spot a set (instead of taking turns, or timed) was never going to work very well with my lot.  Going to have to do “get as many sets as you can in 30 seconds” or something like that.  Also doesn’t help that Linus has a ridiculously sharp mind, so will dominate almost anyone he plays against.  Tricky.

More 3-player chess, Dad unimpressed with the change to the rules.  I still like it though.

Creationary in the evening (like Pictionary but Lego), good fun but a bit too much scope for random guessing.

Not allowed to play Cards Against Humanity in my parents’ house, so that will have to wait for another day…

Christmas Gaming Ch 2

Quite a quiet one on Boxing Day, woke up and helped Linus stick his Chaos Dwarves together.  This inspired me to clear out my painting table, and review all the half-finishd projects that I have on the go:

  • Thrud holding the NAF shield from Thrudball last year.
  • New snotlings for my Ogre team – I multiple-ordered the Greebo buggers, and now have about 30 of them.  16 or 17 are now stuck together, and I’m seriously considering an all-snotling team for a tournament next year – possibly a one-dayer.
  • Finishing the flesh golems.  My Necro team has never had any proper ones (mummy proxies don’t block well), and I took Necro without flesh golems to the NAFC, which was fairly disastrous.
  • New hobgobs for my chaos dwarves, as the original ones were a bit big.  I’ve been sticking together the greebo ones today.  Absolutely nightmare.  And I’ve run out of super glue.

So lots to be keeping busy with, along with a Duel entry for NAFC and an ogre for the Waterbowl legacy team.

In terms of games, lots of 3-player chess.  This is an amazing game, which I can play with the boys and try my hardest and not win – exactly what I want in a game!  It’s brilliant in that there is only one winner, so you need to work with and against the other two players depending on the situation.  Classic diplomacy.

Christmas Gaming Ch 1

A quick record of the multitude of games played in the Davies household over Christmas!

  • Blood Bowl. Naturally.  On Cyanide, Fumbbl, and tabletop.  Tabletop Tuesday, had a family friend over so we had 2 games on the go. My ogres lost to Linus’s Lizards.  Kind of proud…
  • Talisman (2nd ed), though obviously didn’t finish.  I didn’t play this one, just the three boys.  They chose the Dragon King as the final quest, which was an error.  I am a purist and like the Crown of Command – lose a life or admit defeat!
  • Forbidden Island, just me and Linus.  We won!  Though were on novice, and the waters didn’t rise for absolutely ages, which made life fairly easy.  I was the Engineer and Linus the pilot.  Classic combo.
  • Carcassone, with Princess/Dragon extra tiles, but not the Princess and Dragon themselves, as I think they spoil the game.