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While most people (sweeping generalisation ahoy) use Score for their Blood Bowl tournaments, there are a significant minority who don’t, and for these lovely people I’ve produced a new spreadsheet.  If you put the coaches with their NAF names and races in one sheet, and the games in another, then press the magic button, it will generate for you the xml file that will allow you to upload the games without having to do it manually.

I’ve used it myself, but these things do sometimes break when put in the hands of others!  Have a go, and feedback welcome.

You’ll need Excel rather than OpenOffice to use it, as it runs on VBA.  You’ll also have to enable macros, naturally.  There has been a recent security update to Office as well I think which means you will have to download it, open it, close it, then open again to get the macros to work.  I should probably pay some money for https…

Enough already!  Here’s the file: Upload-Generator-v4

9 thoughts on “NAF Uploading Tools”

  1. Working with the spreadsheet to generate an upload for my tournament run yesterday. On the NAFgames sheet, the data validation on TD: current validation is a whole number between 1 and 20. As much as I wish 0 TDs was valid… 😉 I had several games in which one side or the other was unable to score. (I’ve removed protection, and changed the validation for my purposes so that I can keep moving forward.)

  2. Hello,

    i wound using your ExScore-Programm for running a Stunty Bowl. At the moment i am practising dummy tournaments to get a feeling for the programm.

    There is no problem with the first 4 steps. But if i try to do step 5 (generate next round) it happen nothing. What i am doing wrong? Can you help me?

    Thanks from Germany

    NicerDicer (NAF: 24672

  3. Hi,

    The XML export format is not compliant for multiple race tournament. Did the format evolved (maye a race field added into game structure) to be able to take account such format ?

    Bojo, developper of TourMa (BB TOURnament MAnager)

      1. Hi again,

        still no evolution of the XML format about multiple races tournament ?

        If needed, I can help for upgrade.

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