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Having run Score for FoulBowl yesterday (40 coaches), I’m recording a few learning points for posterity:

  • Putting the draw online worked smoothly, despite Frogboy not letting me do one post per round!
  • I didn’t put the team names in, and then adjusted the Score output so that it just showed NAF names, tables and races.  In future I will do the same, and use the team name as follows:
  • With lots of prizes (best Junior, stunty cup, others?) you need a way of keeping track, especially with over around 30 players.  If you make a note in the team name (Stunty, Junior), you can easily keep track of these teams.  This is particularly important with Stunty Underworld, Stunty Lizards, as it may not be obvious whether these teams are going for the Stunty Cup.
  • Also, If you include the team names in the results, then this can build the excitement as you go along as well!  This is slightly affected by the fact that I missed one of the entrants to the Stunty Cup, who happened to win it.
  • Printing the match sheets is really helpful, but more so if you are not playing – playing and administrating was hard work!

Given how many tournaments have been run, there is a slight lack of practical tips around (we have some on the NAF website obviously, but more welcome). Has anyone else got good ones?

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  1. “This is slightly affected by the fact that I missed one of the entrants to the Stunty Cup, who happened to win it.”


  2. Oddly enough I have been mid way through an article around this kind of thing for some time (well I started one after AWM and never finished it).

    AWM has a lot of extra stuff in it –
    * Sponsorship deals
    * Rookie wonder awards
    * Star Player award (for the person who got the most out of the star)
    * Stunty awards

    All of it is fine if the TO is not playing and takes time between rounds to stay on top of the admin. I struggled with this at AWM because due to drop outs I had to play – made it a total nightmare.

    Putting things like ‘Rookie’ or ‘Stunty’ in the team name (which is what I think you are suggesting) is an excellent one.

    1. Meant to say, at AWM I go armed with separate lists of who falls into which categories at the start of the event so I know who to look for when checking the various awards. However, I am making a note of the team name suggestion as well . . . .

  3. I stopped using team names and just used NAF names for teams around 2011/12, and started adding [Stunty] etc a year or so later, and wished I’d started doing it sooner.

    Especially for the years I have to play!

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