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Thrud 21 Roundup

Another great weekend at Thrud, so time for some thoughts from me as roster checker/ deputy results guy/ participant.  Bit of a brain dump, but hopefully interesting.  Massive congratulations to Thor, Glowworm, Landrover, Nazgob, Lunchmoney, Widram and the rest of the team for a fantastic event.

Another people have other written stuff, so check them out (will add more as they appear)

The Auction

Amazing as ever, the boys spent their own money for the first time, buying in to the event by spending over the odds on fancy dice and a nice old pitch.  Raised £8k from the room and online bids, in a big step up from previous years in terms of slickness of presentation.  Still room for shortening the actual evening, but all in a good cause!

The Venue

Swindon Supermarine is the new home of Thrud and is literally 10 minutes drive from my house, or 50 minutes running as it’s actually half way round my standard 15km running route!  Excellent space, bar, camping space.  Slight lack of mobile service and wifi, but something to work on for next year.  We had just under 100 people, which pretty much filled the main space and the “top table” room, so not sure how much room there is to grow, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  100 is a good size, especially including campers!  The showers and facilities were also a step up from the previous venue – available 24 h and people were certainly showering at some strange times.

The Rules and Rosters

People were asked to fill in rosters on Google Sheets, which I thought would be straightforward, but the rules were too complicated for about a quarter of the people – is a skill a single or double, how much do we have to spend, and so on.  Also the tech failed as when they got sent through they came through as pdfs, bizarrely.  Will go with Excel in future I think, or do some testing with instructions on how to submit them.  The rules were probably overly complicated I think, but maybe they should be kept the same now that more people have got the hang of them!

The Games

Game 1 I faced Stowelly’s flings with Griff and Karla.  Would have been scary except I managed to remove all the flings and then my wrestle ghoul (I was using Undead) managed to take down Griff.  Boot to the head solved that problem.

Game 2 was Bron’s Imperial Nobility – great opponent and my closest game against him as I sneaked a win.

Game 3 v Gerdleah’s Necro.  A new opponent for me, experienced BB2 player.  Really tight game with a crazy number of necessary 3+ dodges which all came off until his critical win, which was the difference between the teams.

Game 4 was still in the top room, playing Sparky73 and his Nurgle.  Great game against a super opponent, again experienced BB2 and newish to tabletop.  Stand Firm spam was an absolute pain, as it’s designed to be!  He made the critical 3+ dodge and went in 1-0, but then it was 8v8 for the second half because of terrible KO rolls and sweltering heat.  I demolished his team and scored in my turn 6 to go for the (tournament) win, and was rewarded with more bad KO rolls and a Blitz.  Unfortunately I played like a muffin and nearly let one of his 5 players in to score!  Got away with it and drew 1-1.

Game 5 v Gimli’s Underworld was going very well until a 4+, 3+, single dice pow on a blodger, 3+ pickup, 3+ gfi, 3+ gfi meant that his gutter had the ball and I couldn’t get it off him.  Then in the second half the snots meant that he could pick up his cage each turn and put it somewhere else. I’m still playing back in my head whether my wrestler could have gone for the 4+ dodge into the snot cage because of titchy, but I forgot that rule for most of the half.  Lost 1-0.

Game 6 was raging82 and Chaos Renegades, which would have been on YouTube if he had pressed record.  He smooshed my mummies with his Claw Mino, and would have had a comfortable win if he hadn’t left me a one die blitz on his ball carrier!  He had to settle for an uncomfortable win instead.

The Tiebreakers

One interesting facet of the weekend was that “Tier” was used as a tiebreaker after score but before opponent score, which meant that stunties faced other stunties.  I wonder if the star player threat would have manifested itself more if this had not been in place.

The Technology

Nazgob built a lovely website for the event, which contained all the info needed.  Other big tournaments have done the same, with the notable exception of NAFC, but hopefully this will change soon!  We used a Google Form to submit the results, which would work really well in a venue with good wifi and/or mobile signal.  The results appeared as they were submitted into a Google Sheets file and could then be quickly entered into Score and checked.  Results entry was super efficient and could be quickly checked back to what was submitted. No allowing for fat fingers though!

The Sevens

A bit of a personal reminder for me possibly not to play 7s next year – Friday evening good for socialising!

In Summary

See you there next year – first weekend in August!

Thrudball 21 Halfway

It’s been a good day!  The sun has shone, people are playing tabletop BB in tournaments again, and I have been bought some pints, so apologies in advance for any typos.

Interesting things have been happening.  Vampires coaches by FatboySlimming won the 7s last night and are winning the 11s at the half way point.  Lots of pro, managing animal savagery, and 2+ hypno gaze removing all skills from the gazed player is a potent combination it seems, leading to a current 9-game winning streak by FBS.  Top 30 are below, and the full standings are on the website.

There were worries beforehand (by me!) of a halfling tournament win, but that doesn’t look to be manifesting itself, possibly partly due to “tier” being first tie breaker after total score, which is an interesting way around the “stars problem”.

The orc teams did not have access to stars, Gimli is using “Drunken Thrud”, a ball and chain star, and Sparky is using Gymir, who is basically a fouling goblin.  Top stunty is current Kismet’s Snotlings with Morg and Varag, so will see how they perform tomorrow!  All the rosters can be found here.

One of the highlights of day 1 was Nazgob setting up with 13 players and his opponent (as per the rules) choosing to send off Morg and Griff.  The game was not close.

The auction is about to start, after everyone has filled themselves with meaty goodness.  Follow Thrudball on Twitter tomorrow for latest updates!

Pre Thrud Thoughts

Half an hour to kill before daughter gets home and we can deposit her with friends and head to Thrud, so time for some quick thoughts about rosters and rulesets!

You can see the summarised rosters on my Tableau Public and the full rules on

The tiers are these.  You had to pay for skills – 20k primary, 40k secondary.  No “duplicate” skill choices, so no two players just given guard, though you could have block+guard and just guard.  Max 2 skills per player.

  • Tier 1 (1200k) – 4 Skills: Shambling Undead,
  • Tier 2 (1200k) – 5 Skills: Dark Elf, Wood Elf, Skaven
  • Tier 3 (1200k) – 6 Skills: Amazon, Old World Alliance, Norse, Black Orc, Elven Union, Human, Dwarf, Chaos Dwarf
  • Tier 4 (1250k) – 7 Skills: Imperial Nobility, Necromantic Undead, High Elf.
  • Tier 5 (1250k) – 8 Skills: Chaos Chosen, Underworld, Lizardmen, Orc.
  • Tier 6 (1250k) – 9 Skills: Chaos Renegades, Daemons of Khorne, Tomb Kings
  • Tier 7 (1300k) – 10 Skills & up to 1 Star: Nurgle, Slann, Vampires, Skinks*
  • Tier 8 (1300k) – 12 Skills & up to 2 Stars: Goblins, Halflings, Ogres, Snotlings, Undergobs**

And the main thing to notice is that only tiers 7 and 8 can take stars.  As a result, and also because people quite enjoy playing stunty, we have a large number of stunty teams!  13 Halfling with 7 Morg between them, plus 5 Snotling, 3 Ogre and 2 Goblin for near enough 25% of the field.  The top two tiers took a beating, with only a few hardy souls making do with the meagre number of skills and TV.

Apart from the Mighty Morg, Deeproot also features heavily, and the human trio of Griff, Zug and Karla also put in appearances.  Griff is less popular than sometimes because he is basically 50k more expensive, as teams are only “stunty legal” if they don’t have any S4 players, and “stunty legal” teams get 50k more.

The full list of stars are these:

So expecting to see lots of damage this weekend – we have a 7s tournament on Friday night, but lots of the weekend might be 7s games if Deeproot and Morg keep firing.  Will the deadly duo be enough to bring Halflings to the title though?  They have never (I don’t think) won a 6 game individual tournament of significant size, so is it time for BB2020 to smash that stat?  Follow me and @thrudball on Twitter for updates throughout the weekend!

Ranked Amateurs at 400

Streaming this week on Twitch (21 UTC Thursday 22nd April), Matt Slater’s Ranked Amateurs hit their 400th game on Fumbbl and Matt’s using it as a Fumbbl fundraiser before the team retires into Blood Bowl 2020.

The 400th match will be against Gary Gygax, and you can see the two teams below, and can watch the match through Fumbbl or on  The Ranked Amateurs are a team that only ever hires linemen!

You can support the fundraising effort on this forum post, which also has links to the two teams.


Fun few games in the back garden today as the weather smiled on us coming out of Covid lockdown for our first Blood Bowl 2020 games.


Teams were (1100 TV, 5 primary and 1 secondary):

  • Halflings with Deeproot and Karla
  • Underworld with Hakflem
  • Black Orcs with a bribe
  • Lizards
  • Wood Elves
  • Undead

Highlights of the day:

  • Undead mummy not getting any benefit from Brawler all day
  • Underworld taking saurus off the pitch so outnumbering them 14 to 8 at one point (yay swarming!)
  • Deeproot chucking prone halflings all over the place
  • Quick snap not helping one turners as much as only open players can move
  • Sun shining!
  • Doughnuts
  • Having to re-learn the Throw Team Mate numbers
  • Making up new names for GFI.  Push?  Rush?  Dash?
  • Learning not to predict a winner until all the scores are in
  • Enderman’s first tournament win over me!

It’s the same old game, just with a few tweaks!

BBTS: Team Review

BBTS first review here.

This is a look at the teams done by Vergond for BB2020.  Will say up front that this is an amazing achievement for a community resource, and anything here is not a criticism, just things to bear in mind when using.   I finish with a “tier list” of which teams I would choose to use when playing.


Slightly underdressed catcher for me, but otherwise brilliant!

Chaos Dwarf

Really good, massive weapon on the Bull!  Small weapons on the CD and hobgob.

Dark Elf

Big sword on the blitzer, otherwise spot on.
High Elf



A few weapons on these guys.  Serious ogre!


Big fat weapon on the herald, and smaller ones on the other ones, but good otherwise.


Scary stuff! Sword on the ghoul and fat cleaver on the flesh golem, but the others are brilliant.


Almost perfect except for the swords on the ulf.  I think I would swap in the Necro wolf above, then this might be my team of choice (while being slightly underdressed, but there are lots of fully dressed men around!)


One small weapon, but otherwise spot on.

Tomb Kings

Shame about the massive sceptre!  Skeleton has a good Jason and the Argonauts vibe.


The skaven here definitely got lost from a Warhammer battlefield!


Solid.  Shame the team is so bad currently…

Wood Elves

Our first bows on the pitch!  Scary knives mark out the wardancer, I guess no-one was brave enough to take them away.


Great big guys, scary little guys with weapons.  Nice team!

Chaos Renegades

The crazy gang come together really nicely, unique figures easily identifiable for each position.


An actual BB team!  Wonder what the story is of why these guys exist… Love the T-poses, as the kids say.

Pro Elves/ Elven Union

Not a big fan of these, but very usable.


This lot are suitably bonkers.  The Doom Diver in the bottom left is wearing a top hat, the bomber has a clown mask, and altogether they capture the craziness of this team!

Black Orcs

In with a bullet to #1 team.  Awesome stuff, and one of the teams you can’t play online at the moment, so definitely a contender.


Another perfect one.  I love Kislev!


Weapons on the positionals, but in this case I think that’s quite handy to identify them (didn’t say I was consistent!).

Imperial Nobility

Worth playing just for the Ogre.  In fact, I think I’d play a team of Ogres with the Ogres from each of the teams, that would be awesome!  Pretty good, unfortunate blitzer weapon, but will forgive it.


Perfect, again.


Suitably disgusting.  Maybe the massive halberd explains the foul appearance?




The actual Ogre team, Runt Punter on the right.  If I were to play Ogres I would use the Ogre figure from each of the different teams, and it would look amazing!


Solid team.  I’d swap the blitzer (bottom right) for the lineman (bottom centre) as I don’t use linemen (go gobbos!).  Love the thrower (bottom left) who just wants a hug.

Shambling Undead

Awesome mummy and wight. Solid team.



Few too many weapons for me on this one, doesn’t quite capture the BB vibe.


Interestingly, this one had some error messages flash up, which would get annoying if using.  But snotlings are meant to be annoying, so maybe that’s part of the charm?  The stilty runner is floating…




So for me, if I was looking for an immersive experience, this is how I would rank the teams:

1 – pretty much perfect, I would use these as first choice:

Dwarf, Lizard, Slann, Kislev, adapted Norse, Black Orc, adapted Ogre, Amazon, High Elf, adapted Orc, Renegades, 

2 – perfect unless you’re picky, use if you like the teams in particular:

Vampire, Halfling, Nobility, Chaos Dwarf, Chaos, Dark Elf, Human, Nurgle, Khorne, Necro, Undead, Wood Elf

3 – I would only use if I was a superfan of the teams:

Skaven, Elven Union, Goblin, Snotling, Tomb Kings, Underworld

Sharp eyes might have noticed OWA omission, they’re made up of other teams.  Silly team…


Again to reiterate, an amazing community efford by Vergond, and I can’t wait to get stuck in with playing – videos to come later.  Will be great as a training resource as well, with more flexibility than other online platforms.  Will be my training video resource of choice from now on, and there is already talk of leagues, though I’m personally somewhat overcommitted with Fumbbl and BB2!


BB Tabletop Simulator

First experiments with playing Blood Bowl: Second Season (aka BB2020) in Tabletop Simulator (TTS), from a completely standing start, ably assisted by Jip and Domfluff, providing enthusiasm and expertise respectively.  Any consequent wrong or missing info is mine, and this is a description of what we did, not necessarily what is best, we’re muddling through!

Update June 21 – jump on the Discord for the latest update!

Why would you do this?

At the time of writing, Cyanide are working on Blood Bowl 3, but just indicated that it is not due imminently, and Fumbbl volunteer devs are also working on implementing the new rules, due Q1 2021, but again it will be ready when it’s ready, and that’s cool.  Our league (SAWBBL) has seen a massive influx of new players on the back of the new box set, as has the BB community in general, but the pandemic is limiting the amount of tabletop that can be played (to zero, usually…).  So it would be great to have a way of playing demo games, tutorials, and full-on competitive games using the new rules, which is where TTS comes in.

What is it?

TTS is a PC game available on Steam.  I paid £15, but there are frequent sales, so I should probably have paid less.  It has various workshop downloads, either free or paid that allow virtually any board game to be played online.  When you buy it, there is a tutorial, so I won’t cover the basics here, just the stuff I had to ask.

How do you play BB2020?

Once you have downloaded and installed TTS, if you have someone you know who has it already set up, then that is all you need, and they can just invite you to a game and you can start playing.  The set up is a bit like this:

You can drag players to their places, roll dice, show prone players, stunned, rooted, bonehead etc.  You have to do all the moves and “state changes” yourself, so in that sense it is just like tabletop, nothing is done for you.

If you want to set it up for yourself, there are a few more steps needed, which I’ll summarise now.

Click Games, then Workshop (ironically).  That will take you to a search window.  Click Browse, and Steam will open.  Search for Blood Bowl 2020 Pitch w/Teams, then click Subscribe.  That will give you the pitch components I used above, and more.  I have deleted some as I won’t use them (range ruler), and moved stuff around so it suits my preferences.

You then go back to TTS, click Games, Workshop and the Blood Bowl 2020 Pitch should be an option.  It comes with cardboard cut-out style figures, that you can drag out of the brown bags by right clicking and then clicking Search.

To get the 3D figures, you go back into Workshop, and Browse, and search for Blood Bowl, and this time look for an item by Vergond.  If you click on the user’s name, it will take you to lots of 3D teams, all of which are ready to click.  If you hover over a team then a green square with a + will appear, and if you click it then it will add it into your workshop.  Do this for as many as you need.

Go back into TTS, then Workshop, then the three dots and expand.  You can then drag the players onto the pitch, and if you unlock the bags you can drag them into the appropriate bag for that race.  You will also need to make them slightly smaller!

Once you are set up, you can click Games > Save and Load, give it a name, and this will save your set up on your machine.  You can then use it to play against other people, who will only need TTS installed.

Next Steps

I am going to play some games, then look at publishing a set up that the local league can use, to avoid having to go through the faff described above.  At the very end of typing this, I also got to thinking why we didn’t just use Vergond’s complete set up, which is at Blood Bowl Table (Second Season), so perhaps more on that later!

Extra Things

When I was streaming, TTS crashed when I used Alt-Tab to switch windows. Google says that putting TTS out of full-screen mode should stop this, so fingers crossed.


BB2020: Part 3

It’s launch week!  So to celebrate, played my first game in anger with the new rules against the eldest.  Here’s what I learned!

  • It’s still entirely possible to set up with 10 players.  I did this on my first drive.  Excellent.
  • I’m blaming this on the slightly odd imperial team build that I had to use to make an 1100 tournament team: 2 blitzers, 3 bodyguards, 1 thrower, ogre, 3 linemen, 2 rerolls, gubbins
  • Both teams ended up with 5k spare.  When I build my tournament packs, I’m going to allow 1 Dedicated Fans to be bought for 5k
  • Keeping track of Fan Factor is a bit of a pain – you have to WRITE STUFF DOWN!  This is a step backwards for tournament BB where you didn’t actually need a pen and paper until you submitted your results.  And then it only affects 11 and 12 on the kick off table.  Not a fan.  Opportunity for new swag though.  Or people could use the score track…
  • Saying “on it, not through it” is going to be consigned to the dustbin of history.  As is push as slang for GFI, as Rush is just as easy.
  • Tournament apo now works on a 1-3 on a d8 basically, instead of 1-3 on a d6, so is slightly worse.
  • Assistant coaches are much better than cheerleaders.
  • The boy managed an accurate throw team-mate, and then used the goblin to half dice my ball carrier down!  Broken.
  • It seems particularly churlish to take dauntless from Imperial blitzers and then put them against 6 S4 players in the box!
  • I almost did one jump, then remembered you can’t jump an empty square, only one with a player in.  Makes jump incredibly situational.
  • Brawler is good fun!  Especially if you roll a both down and a pow and then reroll the both down just for lolz.
  • Vomit is fun too.  “Always vomit before scoring” is a new phrase (as it can’t cause a turnover).

BB2020: Part 1

So there’s a new Blood Bowl coming.  Much heralded and much trailed, and then leaked on 2nd August, either by someone from China selling knock-off rulebooks or a cunning GW ruse to build the hype.  Doesn’t really matter.  1200+ comments on the BB Community group later, and lots has been said.  Here are my thoughts, based on a bit of reading, summaries from a few people including GngrNoob, AndyDavo and ketilkn on Reddit.  Thanks to them.  I’m writing from a position of no inside knowledge, with my NAF President days behind me, so these are just my own thoughts and obviously all is my opinion.

At the time of writing the Warhammer Community team either reacted to the leak or put a long devised masterplan into action, depending on your world view, and have shown off the box set and the Imperial Nobility in detail.  This team were in the slightly rubbish official GW app, and those that played them in leagues said they were a bit broken, mostly due to being the only team to start with Guard players.  A new tier 1 roster is not the headline however, the headline is the separation of agility into agility and passing, along with the whole passing mechanic being changed, and it is this that is causing the angst (such as there is) of whether it’s a whole new game or not.

The New Rules

Most of the changes are tweaks that could have been incorporated into an LRB-style evolution.  Some are pointless, like changing the injury table to a d16.  The kick off table has a reduced effect, with Blitz and Perfect Defence being toned down, which will increase the likelihood of the better coach winning due to reduced randomness.  I’m needlessly infuriated by the Cheering Fans/Brilliant Coaching symmetry having been removed, but most of the rest is quite… well, OK, but probably no need.  I don’t think it will make it particularly a better game, maybe at the margins, so on balance I would rather not have had these significant changes.

There has been some discussion about whether the rules have been playtested.  The WarCom release talked about some of the best players in the world having been involved, and there’s every reason to believe this.  If you look at those who have written playbooks in the Spike magazines, then the calibre of (most of) these players is high, and so the chances are these players have been involved in the playtesting.  It’s also likely that some of the most famous streamers have been involved in the development of Cyanide’s BB3, and the rulesets are likely to have been developed in tandem.

Dying Races

The effect on the various races will be an interesting one to see, and we don’t know the answers yet.  Will Khorne, Bretonnians and Kislev make it into the rules and the new version of the game.  If Kislev do, then Slann will live on, if not then I think the time of the space frogs may be at an end.  It seems unlikely, but not impossible, that the NAF will design a new roster for them including the new statlines.  Will other races be doomed as well, especially those that have not had a new plastic box set and particularly those that have not had the “made to order” treatment either?

The NAF response

It’s virtually certain that the NAF will move to the new rules, the only question is how quickly, and what will happen to CRP?  It has already been mooted that CRP could be listed as a variant in the NAF database, which I think might be a reasonable idea, particularly for those parts of the world who are more resistant to GW’s changes.   If this were to happen the current database could all be moved to the CRP variant, and the BB2020 game records could begin.  As a statistician this would make the dataset more pure and more interesting, and therefore better, and we have the capabilities around now with Glicko and active developers to produce some interesting analysis around the data.

I only really know about the UK tournament scene, and my impression is that the transition here will be fairly seamless, with a few tournaments holding the line and sticking with CRP for a while.  2021 is going to be a turbulent time for Blood Bowl, and it’s fairly likely that some people are going to stop being tournament regulars, unfortunately, but the game will go on.  The tricky ones are going to be the big tournaments, with Poland Eurobowl in October 2021 needing to decide on a ruleset (or in fact, they have decided on a ruleset).  My money would be on this tournament being the last major one (and the last Major) with CRP ruleset, before the new GW rules are fully incorporated.  I’ve been wrong before though.

The Fumbbl response

At the time of writing Fumbbl has already started to respond to the new rules, writing AV breaks as 8+ rather than greater than 7, for example, so every indication is that the client will adjust and adapt.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good:

  • change can be invigorating.  There will be new tactics to learn, and something to talk about in the BB world for a good few years to come.  I actually love learning new games, and am excited to learn the new rules.
  • GW is sticking around, with new figures to come for a few years to come, it would appear.  This leads to a persistent trickle of new players, which is good for the game.
  • It looks like there will be a standalone rulebook, which if it contains all the rules needed for the game would be a major step forward.

The Bad:

  • some people will stop playing, and these people will be a loss to the community.  Or they will stick around and complain a lot, which isn’t great either.

The Ugly:

  • there are a whole raft of new rules coming in, and unfortunately GW’s reputation precedes them here in terms of not being able to produce a watertight set of rules.  There will be typos, there will be mistakes, there will be unforeseen consequences of interactions of rules.  This is going to be a bit of a pain, and GW’s approach to FAQs is pretty terrible, unfortunately.

That will do for just now.  This was Part 1.  Thoughts welcome!

Waterbowl 2020 Day 1

Blood Bowl never seems to disappoint in terms of stories to be told, and Saturday was no different.  The big takeaway from me is that I like to win at Blood Bowl!  Shocker.  But the reasons are interesting.  I like to do stuff to challenge myself a bit, and in the BB world this means playing against the best coaches around.  It’s why Eurobowl is great, it’s why the NAF tournaments on Fumbbl are ace, and it’s why winning games is good, not good because of the warm fuzzy feeling from winning, but because it means that your next game is likely to be against someone at least as good as the person you just played.   On the flip side, it also means that if you lose then your next game has an increased chance of being against someone who is less good than the person you just played, or is using a less good race, and in both situations it’s non-ideal for the purposes of playing challenging games of BB.

So, my day.  Game 1 was against Varag, a lovely and enthusiastic (loud!) Spanish player using Wood Elves.  I was using High Elves, with 3 dodge catchers, a leader thrower, and frenzy and mighty blow blitzers.  I didn’t particularly have high hopes going into the tournament, I was using HE on my quest for “the 52”, which I’ve decided is getting all 26 races to at least 10 NAF games each (just a thing I’ve made up, really).  My first block killed a lineman, and in the next few turns I deleted another couple and built a nice cage near his endzone.  All good.  He failed the one-turner, and then scored in two turns at the start of his drive, and then again I got fairly comfortable in his half with the ball.  Only fairly comfortable though, because both wardancers were still alive!  At this point I had a nailed-on draw, or the possibility of stalling out for the win. Or, as it turned out, a third possibility, which was to leave the ball slightly unsafe, get turned over, and lose 2-1 after some serious dice.  He was very happy!  I was less so, but at some point I’ll learn not to overexaggerate the inevitability of the wood elf score, and take the touchdown for the definite draw and possible win. They’re not called mind sports for no reason (by those who call them mind sports).

The loss took me to bottom table (it’s random based on those on the same points, I think) and cjblackburn’s halflings.  He stole all my rerolls and didn’t roll a single take root.  Two interesting dice moments, where I took a 3-dice block with block before scoring, and managed to roll triple skulls, and puggy double skulled but passed the loner.  Apart from that I scored in 8 turns and then he scored in T16 with the Ag4 halfling, after I’d done everything I could with my limited players.  1-1 draw, where I think I did everything right, so frustrating times.

Game 3 was more wood elves, but a less experienced coach (mahwell-skel).  He was using the GW halfling dice, and my table manners may be affected as I think I may struggle if I ever see a knife and fork again!  The first half was comfortable, with me scoring in 8, but towards the end of the first half and the beginning of the second he managed to score 7 casualties!  He scored in turn 12, so I was attacking with 4 against his 9.  Made a sideline cage in his half, such as it was, but he turned the ball over and then had 4 turns to trundle up the pitch for the win.  A possibly unnecessary hand-off was punished by Nuffle, and a snake eyes allowed me to scoop up the ball and go 2-1 up, leaving him 2 turns to score with rerolls in hand.  The ball scattered to one of his line-elves on the line – he moved down the pitch and handed over to a wardancer, but not very protected, so I was able to get two dice and a pow, and then collect and protect the ball to only leave a one-die blitz.  The knockdown didn’t come, and I’d managed a win from somewhere.  Respect to him for taking the insanity well!

The clan had mixed days – no good dice for Alex’s cage-diving in games 1 or 2, but then a 4-1 win with his pro elves in game 3.  Linus won game 1 using bretonnians, then was podfreyed in game 2 and lost game 3.  There’s another U16 competing for the chocolate bear, and jip and I are both on 1-1-1, so the competition for star of the car is also fierce.  Lunch not included next year, so the takeaway prize for the latter takes on extra importance!

Finish with a big shout to Ringbeard for being top of the table – definitely rooting for him to keep the Waterbowl trophy at its home!  Also to kfoged for running the scoring and Alex for exemplary organisation as ever.  Bring on day two!