Score for FoulBowl

Entertainingly, Frogboy has asked me to run the computer for him this weekend at Foulbowl, so will be making all the draws available on here (and hopefully it won’t crash, with all of the 40 people trying to get to it at the same time!).

This is a great dry run for running Cakebowl last year, so as a Father’s Day treat to myself while the kids are about I have been playing with the Score output files.

In the “templates” folder I edited to the text of “do draw.htm” so that it says this:

<title>@tournamentname@ – Draw for round @round@</title>
<b>@tournamentname@ – Draw for round @round@</b><br><br>
Table @nr@ – @coach1@ (@race1@) v @coach2@ (@race2@)<br>

Which is a lot shorter than the whole table stuff that was there before.  It produces the draw looking a bit like the following, which should be easier to read online, hopefully (the names are the ones from Cakebowl).  Might stick it back in a table though to make it easier for the second person to find their name.  Though hopefully people can use the find function on their phones!

FoulBowl – Draw for round 6

Table 1 – hawca (lizardman) v Frogboy (Orc)
Table 2 – Wulfyn (lizardman) v Rubick (Amazon)
Table 3 – Ceetee (Orc) v Landrover (Norse)
Table 4 – Heff (chaos) v Maverick (khemri)
Table 5 – Gutrot81 (Chaos Dwarf) v dreamscreator (Chaos Dwarf)
Table 6 – Hobnail (Orc) v Besters (chaos)
Table 7 – Gorgoroth (Orc) v Morbo89 (Skaven)
Table 8 – YogiBedlamBear (dark Elf) v Be4ch (Orc)
Table 9 – Glowworm (necromantic Undead) v Angry Hobbit (Chaos Dwarf)
Table 10 – Eski (Orc) v Wotfudboy (Dwarf)

I then tried to update the match sheets, to add in bonus points for fouling (hence the name), but bizarrely using Word to update the rtf file made it all go pear-shaped.  A quick Google and install of OpenOffice later however, and I was able to produce this file, which puts the coach name on instead of the team name and doesn’t waste too much paper.  Save it into the “templates” folder.


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