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  1. What does blacklist mean?
  2. Isn’t this true already?  Or is it 20 hours?
  3. Don’t know what ISDS/TTIP means.  What effect would repealing the act have?
  4. Good idea with Free Schools.  Have always hated the words “Bedroom Tax”.  People probably shouldn’t have bigger houses than they need?
  5. State control of prices without state control of businesses seems like a mistake.
  6. Why Bankers’ Bonuses and not all Bonuses?  Bankers are not evil.
  7. Building homes is a good idea.
  8. How will guaranteed jobs work?  Sounds nice!
  9. The NHS is flawed as people are living so long, it can never have enough money. No idea what the answer is.
  10. Not sure what I think about renationalisation.  Can’t see it being a good idea, but don’t feel strongly.
  11. Raising the threshold for tax-free seems more sensible.

Would have been easier if he had numbered them!

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