Bubba 2019

Well that was a crazy day’s Blood Bowl…

Took Khorne, because at 1200 TV you can have all the toys – Bloodthirster with block, 2 heralds, 4 bloodletters, 4 pit fighters all with block.

Game 1 was v Lycos’s wood elves, so I wrote off the day, but my armour and injury dice were on fire, and he kept failing dodges.  He stalled in his turn 6 and I managed the turnover – should have been able to go in at 1-0 up except for choosing poorly not to GFI to put myself out of range.  Too excited about all the other dice not working!  Interesting T16 one-turn score situation, in that I rolled a blitz, but because he had sidestep and I had frenzy I could have made the situation worse.  Turned out OK though, 1-0 win, happy days!

Pleased to face Tankface’s Ogres in game 2, always nice when a stunty team sneaks a win in game 1 and then you are lucky enough to be drawn against them.  Or so I thought.  I struggled to get my head around the treemen being used as Ogres, and despite being very familiar playing with and against the team, never really got my head into the game, including blocking in turn one having not taken account of guard properly.  My bloodthirster skulled out, naturally.  A few turns in the first half with no bonehead meant that I was forced to use my blitzes against the ogres instead of removing snotlings, and when he was able to escape from a tricky situation in the second half it was all a bit too late, and I lost 1-0, finishing the game with an attempt to block my own player.  Pro move.

More stunties, but high-powered ones in the form of Duffins’ Goblins.  I made life harder for myself on defence by only setting up 9 players, as two of mine managed to camouflage themselves on the sideline, and counting is hard.  Surprisingly, I failed to stop him scoring, especially after he removed my LOS from the pitch, leaving me with 6 players.  Lucky draw in the end, 1-1.

Brain failing for game 4 against Touchdown’s Dwarves, and as he had been out the night before this was not vintage Blood Bowl by any standards.  The highlight however was me over-enthusiastically lobbing one of my players into the KO box but overshooting so that he ended up down the back of a radiator.  Loki to the rescue with his long pole!

The day ended as ridiculously as it had been all day, with him skull reroll skull and then me pulling off a 3+, 2+, 4+, 3+ touchdown for a 2-1 win and mid-table obscurity.

Dementor took home Star of the Car, having a good day with his Dark Elves including beating 20phoenix’s High Elves, and it was good to be in a room with a substantial number of Welshmen as Wales completed the Six Nations Grand Slam.

Thanks to Loki for yet another excellent Bubba Bowl, which this year was warm enough that I didn’t have to take the next day off work. So it was a win!  Grats to DaPiranha for the win too, obvs…

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